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Horse Training

History and Philosophy

Through the techniques they learned growing up and the continual natural horsemanship training through respected instructors such as Clinton Anderson, Monty Roberts, and Charles Fletcher, they focus on creating a well rounded horse ready to proceed in any direction that the owner has in mind. 

Horses learn faster when they have to think for themselves and are happier when they have a purpose in life. It is this philosophy that SHRC trainers hope to pass on to their students and other horse owners



Rescued and Rehabbed

The methods and techniques that we use can be applied to a Thoroughbred or a pony and applied by a youth or adult it makes no difference.  It's all about getting the horse to think and building a partnership between horse and trainer. The ability to train horses makes SpiritHorse a standout among most other riding facilities.  We do not need a new horse to be a fully trained, old retired horses that only know how to go slow.  We have received many of our horses either very young or as rescues...sometimes both.    Having trainers at hand also means that none of our horses are allowed to develop bad habits such as biting or pushing. It is our joy to see a young rescue horse become a sensible riding companion.

9 Months after

Need help getting your horse started the right way? Let one of your experienced trainers teach your four legged friend how to properly respect, respond and ride.

400 County Road 3821

San Antonio, Texas 78253

Tel: 210-593-8274

Email: info@canaanlandranch.com

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