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Therapy Lessons

The Science of Therapy

Each session begins with the grooming followed by their help in saddling. Through these steps sequencing, work ethic, care and consideration are developed. Once the students mount their horse they move at their own pace through a 70 step program based on their balance and coordination. The movement of the horse causes the brain to readjust consistently to being off balance this in turn causes the rebuilding of synapses that were injured or missing due to brain trauma or mental disabilities. These changes improve communication from one side of the brain to the other.


The Art of Therapy

As students progress and improve in their horse riding abilities they can eventually advance into a typical lesson format where they focus more on independent riding skills and learning to control the horse in various ways.  Some students progress enough to join the riding team, and join us at different local shows.

Start your healing process today by coming out the ranch to meet one on one with our certified Instructors

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